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PB Login

ID: 3117

U:   01

P: TIRE2023

P# 844-277-6237

Pro Billing Instructions:

As of 4/27/2023 the following will apply:

- We will no longer receive checks in house on specific accounts. If you get a check and cannot tell if it is supposed to be received you can always check the name of the company in Guru, if it has ((PB) < As shown here) It will not be received in Guru. You will gather the checks for that day and put them into a mail envelope. Some envelops may be provided by pro billing. If you do not have a pre-filled envelope you can use this template to hand write one.

Use the Template EXACTLY as shown!

If you are not sure what to do with a check send a picture of it to Jeret @ 731-676-3340. He will tell you what to do with it from there. 

Don't risk receiving a check wrong if you are not 100% sure it goes to that account!

- Use the Template Below to send check to pro billing. Make sure you copy exactly and use 01's Address!

Screenshot 2023-05-02 101759.png
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